To serve anything the customer wants, even if we don’t have it here, we will match. We go to our sources and 99 percent of the time we match the product exactly. We will be the one stop shop for all fabric needs across the U.S.


APlus' years of experience working with Chinese mills has given us perspective. “We know who is good and who is bad.  The relationship we have with our Chinese suppliers is very much a partnership. They make a little profit, we make a little profit, in order to make it competitive.”

About A Plus Fabrics inc.

A Plus Fabrics has built our thriving business by diving deep into our own margins, settling as low as economically possible, to outpace our competition. We are known for knits, including novelty knits and winter knits, which make up 80 percent of inventory. Rayons are another strength, as are wovens, warps, and laces.


We try very hard to have very good customer service. And honesty is very important. Our secret is honesty.” 


We try to be very fast, we always  try to meet the lightning speed of garment production demanded in today’s fast-fashion marketplace.

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